Ivan and Monique, the Bride and Groom, were married September 18th, 2016, at the famous and outstanding Graydon Hall Manor. Graydon Hall Manor is located in the busy, bustling and well-known city of Toronto, Ontario.

Ivan and Monique are a traditional Chinese couple, and they experienced the best day of their lives at the Graydon Hall Manor, along with the assistance of their wedding photographer and videographer supplied by NG Studio. The Bride was dressed in a beautiful floor length wedding gown, and the Groom was dressed in a traditional black suit with bow-tie. The key to this wedding, was to be traditional! The ceremony took place outside in the courtyard, and the guests sat on beautiful white wooden chairs, watching as this couple took their first steps as husband and wife.

The Bridal Party wore a mixture of lavender and dark blue, and all of these colors were beautifully represented in the boutiques of flowers surrounding the property. As a traditional Chinese couple, the Bride and Groom participated in a Tea Ceremony, where the young couple sits comfortably on their knees in front of their parents, as a notion of respect and appreciation. This ceremony is important for those of Chinese origin, and a way of saying ‘thankyou’ to one’s parents.

Our team was able to provide many pictures, such as, the Bride’s mother and the Bride’s father walking the Bride down the isle in unison. The lush gardens of the Graydon Hall Manor surround the guests at this event, providing a luxurious landscape for wedding photography and videography. NG Studio was very proud and happy to be a part of this couple’s special day.