Mandy and Liang are a beautiful couple who enlisted NG Studio’s assistance in taking pre-wedding photographs at a few memorable historic locations in Montreal, Quebec. The locations of their choosing are all monumental and extraordinary.

The first location was at the famous Notre-Dame Basilica, a Catholic Church that was built in Montreal in 1656, making it the oldest church in all of Montreal. This church is known for its intricate décor, including stained glass, wood carvings, pipe organs and religious statues. Mandy and Liang, future husband and wife are pictured standing in the middle of the church declaring their love underneath the expansive blue stained-glass sky. Our team was able to capture and photograph every memorable moment for this couple! The future bride plants a soft chaste kiss on her future husband’s mouth, as they sit facing the altar.

The second location took place at Old Port in Montreal, where the couple is pictured standing next to the expansive waterfront. The beautiful and historic bridges and buildings surround them, as they look out onto the crisp water. The couple is photographed on a balcony, overlooking the bridges and fall trees. The future husband and wife make their way towards one another on the sidewalk, with the beautiful blue water and grey sky between them.

The last location for their pre-wedding photographs took place at Mount Royal in Montreal, which is located close by to the notable McGill University. Mount Royal in Montreal is a historic site, being a large volcanic hill, having three separate peaks. The couple is pictured standing on one of the bridges, looking out over the expansive city, as they hold one another close. NG Studio was proud to be a part of such a special day with this couple, as they begin to take the steps to becoming husband and wife.