Sylvia and Andy, are a traditional Chinese couple, who were married at the famous location site of Casaloma, in Toronto. The bride is pictured with her corset flowing princess gown, decorated with lace, surrounded by her loved ones. NG Studio was able to take beautiful picturesque photographs of the bride’s veil flowing in the wind, while they share a passionate kiss. The bride also wore a beautiful crown, symbolizing her important status, on such an important day.

The day began, with the bride wearing a traditional Chinese gown, while engaging in the famous ‘tea party’ tradition, in Chinese culture. The Chinese gown is red and gold, symbolic colors in the Chinese culture. The color red, represents joy and happiness, and the color gold represents wisdom and quality. Our team was proud to take such important photographs of the couple’s tea ceremony, as they dedicate themselves to one another, and join one another’s family. The tea ceremony, is symbolic as it represents the joining of two different families, where each family joins as one.

Before the ‘tea party’ started, we joined our couple for some photos at Knox College, a University of Toronto Campus, located in Toronto. NG Studio took some beautiful memorable photographs, of the bride and groom reading cards they wrote to one another, the day of their wedding. This moment will be one they will remember forever.