NG Studio is proud to announce to the public that we have once again won the Consumer’s Choice Award for Wedding Photography and Cinematography for 2019. The Consumer’s Choice Award is one of the most reputable awards that a business can receive, as it is backed by the thoughts and feelings of real consumers, making this award truly reflective of the experiences of the community. Many look to the companies who receive these awards, as such recognition indicates good business and good value.

NG Studio recognizes the importance of such an award and the value that it brings. As a company that specializes in photography and videography for local weddings, destination weddings, pre-wedding, engagement and bridal shower events, our goal has always been delivering the highest quality photography and videography available. We seek to capture every special moment shared between couples on their special occasions, ensuring to deliver results which meet the needs and demands of our clients. We readily customize our services to ensure that every client is satisfied with what is being offered and what is being delivered. We stand behind our attention to detail, flexibility, and desire to please. We truly believe these qualities are what allows us to stand out amongst the crowd of other companies who offer similar services.

However, we also humbly realize that our achievements would not have been possible without the amazing support of our staff and the York region community. We would like to acknowledge that our long standing eight year reputation of achieving such high recognition has been made possible by many of our dedicated employees and assistants. These dedicated individuals include our photographers, videographers, content writers and many others. The consistent support and motivation on behalf of our staff has allowed us to gain the sort of recognition we feel truly represents our efforts. We would also like to recognize and thank the York region for choosing us as one of the most reputable wedding photography and videography service companies, recognizing that what we offer truly makes us special.

NG Studio promises to continue the tradition of offering memorable wedding photography and videography services at an amazing value. Every local wedding, destination wedding, engagement, and bridal shower deserves the most special treatment and care, and we pride ourselves on always delivering the type of service most desired by our clients. Unlike some other wedding service agents who simply treat clients as a number, we view our clients as individuals, with unique needs, ones which we accommodate and fulfill to the fullest. We are truly excited to complete this year and enter the next year continuing to fulfill the needs of our clients and bringing happiness and satisfaction to all those whom we work with. It is our sole purpose to ensure that your special wedding related event is given special attention and treated with adequate care.

Thank you once again for this amazing recognition, and thank you to our supportive staff and the community.