Rovita & Collin

Rovita and Collin are a beautiful couple who hired NG Studio to accompany them on their engagement photoshoot in Paris. This is one particular service that is offered by NG Studio to make every moment from engagement to marriage seamless. NG Studio flew to Paris and accompanied this couple, to ensure they would have the memories and photographs that they truly deserve. Why should a couple have to settle for anything less than their heart’s desire? NG Studio is here to make sure every couple achieves their dreams!

Romantic, fun and natural!

Rovita and Collin visited a special Paris café, where they were able to connect on a deeper level – sharing their life’s dreams and happiness with one another. NG Studio was able to photograph each moment, capturing every smile and every laugh. The couple then travelled to their hotel suite – which is pictured being within walking distance to the famous Eiffel Tower – where visitors can travel all the way to the top for sightseeing and have fancy romantic dinners by candlelight. The Eiffel Tower also has champagne bars and events on special days of the year, including Valentines Day – making it the most romantic spot for couples.

Rovita and Collin continued their engagement journey by taking pictures on a glamorous balcony overlooking the most famous river in Paris – Siene. This beautiful river is known for its size – being over 77km in length!

NG Studio also captured another photograph of this couple beside a very famous statute of Simon Bolivar. For those who do not know of his history, he was instrumental in the revolution with the Spanish empire – known for being the ‘liberator’.

This beautiful couple also tied the knot in Paris – at the well known ‘Pavillion de Musique’ – a historic setting much in tune with Paris. This beautiful historic site can be found at the website below:

The couple wrote beautiful heartfelt letters to one another expressing their love and commitment – even making Rovita cry! NG Studio was able to capture every photograph showing this couple’s love and commitment – never missing a single shot. The bride and groom and their needs are always number one.